Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

There is no doubt that broccoli is a wonderful vegetable. Many people have intuitively known this, but it’s only in recent times that serious work has been undertaken to investigate what are the key ingredients that make it so good, and what exactly do they do.

Many institutions have been studying the plant. Probably the most prolific of these is the John Hopkins University in America. The explosion of interest began when they discovered the key ingredient within broccoli – sulforophane. More accurately, this is actually sulforofane glucosinalate, or SGS.
However, it is not the SGS that does all the great stuff all on its own! It needs the metabolite isothiocyanate, which is only released from the plant in the presence of available myrosinase.
When Tonic Attack broccoli sprout juice was tested, the total SGS and isothiocyanate was 39 mg. The SGS was less than 3% of that. When some non-endogenous myrosinase was added to the leftover SGS this DID NOT YIELD any more isothiocyanate. It all yielded the first time!
This means that the targeted isothiocyanate is 100% available in our juice. The first process the sprouts undergo is a grinder which releases the endogenous myrosinase from the broccoli plant so that it can react with the SGS.
The critical point to appreciate is that all plants, when young are much more vital, and have a much higher concentration of key nutrients which we value. This is no less true for the broccoli sprout.
We know that we are much quicker to recover from knocks and illnesses when young, as our bodily chemistry and biology works much quicker and more efficaciously at a younger age. As we get older, things take longer to repair.
It’s for this reason that we are juicing from the sprouts, not the flower head/floret, which most people think of as broccoli. It’s a poor old relation of the vibrant seedlings! By utilising the plant, when it’s young, we are capturing a much higher concentration/density/intensity of the key nutrients. However, all of the juice is good for you! The broccoli sprout juice contains much more than just SGS.
It’s loaded with youthful energy and vitality, which many want to capture. That’s why so many people have come to value it highly. Plus, of course, it delivers great bio-availability, as it is an untreated and wholesome juice.
Dr. Michael Greger has studied the vegetable, a great deal. He’s convinced from his research that broccoli consumption appears to make DNA more resistant to damage! It’s also, in the same way that it can prevent damage, an excellent way of dealing with problems when they occur. See what he says here
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