Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

What do you read in the media about health? Which media? There tends to be a huge bias towards “modern science” and a dearth of interest in what we might call “conventional wisdom”, or even more potentially controversially “alternative perspectives and options”.

A little while ago, in late August, the BBC ran a report which they headlined “broccoli slows arthritis, researchers think”. This followed scientific research by the University of East Anglia, which suggested that broccoli had the potential to reduce, and even reverse, the effects of osteoarthritis. That’s a bold claim. However, they’ve dared to look into an area where mainstream medicine doesn’t wander very often. Why don’t they? The cynical, but actually real answer is, of course, because there’s very little money to be made by any pharmaceutical company from selling broccoli! What they want to be able to do is to reduce the broccoli to a pill, patent it, and make it into a financial printing press.
Once the story broke, many of the media ran it, but in their own way. The Guardian headlined it “University of East Anglia researchers find that sulforaphane slows down destruction of cartilage in joints”.
At this point it’s important to quantify that the research was undertaken on mice, and has yet to be carried through into a human trial. It would seem totally logical for the NHS to be sponsoring such a trial, but do they invest our money in these areas? Sadly they don't, despite seeming totally logical to do so. Instead, they leave the research to other bodies and companies whose focus is almost entirely about producing a drug to solve a problem.
What would happen with humans? Well, there was a very telling quote by a reader below the Guardian article. “I suffered arthritis for ten years due to a knee injury. Got sick of it. Found this book 'Strong Men and Women Beat Arthritis', followed the diet, the balancing of oils and exercise and now I am arthritis free for eight years. I also cut down on sugar. Every time I had an 'arthritis' pang in my joints I would run to the fridge and eat raw broccoli. This would alleviate the pain immediately. My fridge has never been out of broccoli since then, though I don't eat as much as I used to. Excellent pain killer!”
So, it appears that there is increasing evidence that sulforaphane is the magic ingredient. The broccoli sprout juice that Tonic Attack is marketing contains at least 5 times the concentration of sulforaphane. It also doesn’t need cooking, as we don’t like to destroy any of the nutritional value. Furthermore, it can be consumed in a moment. So, what’s stopping you enhancing your health?